25 Oct 2016

Lemon Surprise Fondant Fancies | Bake Off Bake Along

Lemon Surprise Fondant Fancies | Bake Off Bake Along
It seems my Bake Off favourites are just dropping like flies. First Benjamina, then Selasi, I just hope Andrew isn’t next! So sad to see the uber chilled Selasi go home this week. He was such a refreshing change from the regular stressed out bakers.

I’ll never understand how he managed to stay just so chilled during most of the tasks. I would be a wreck and probably run out of time. Or drop something.

Baking along with Bake Off has been a bit challenging at times, but this week tested me. Give me a big cake to frost and I can do it, but give me a tiny fondant fancy to frost and everything falls apart. 


18 Oct 2016

Jumble Biscuits | Bake Off Bake Along

Jumble Biscuits | Bake Off Bake Along | Hungry Little Bear
You can definitely count me as not a great fan of Tudor week. Not that it went horrifically wrong (like bread week), it just was a bit of a nothing week for me.

I settled on jumble biscuits this week, purely because we didn't have enough people around to devour a marzipan showstopper (sob) and I didn't have enough time in the weekend to tackle a hot water crust pie. Eek.


11 Oct 2016

Banoffee Roulade | Bake Off Bake Along

Banoffee Roulade Recipe | Bake Off Bake Along | Hungry Little Bear
Well that was a tense time in the tent. I've never been so nervous because of mousse. I definitely was not brave enough to tackle that challenge this week. 

I’d be perfectly okay with eating one of them though.

Some of the bakers had the right idea with putting jelly on top; they looked so professional and swish. Jane and Andrew were the standouts in the showstopper for me, both their desserts looked beyond perfect and the flavour combinations were just bloody delicious.

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