19 Apr 2015

8 Ways to Stay Productive When You're Unemployed

8 ways to stay prpductive when you're unemployed graduate

The prospect of just being unemployed is a scary one. You spend hours searching for jobs, countless interviews that go nowhere and you constantly hear everyone say how awful the job market is. It’s hard to remain positive; especially when nothing comes of the interviews and applications you worked so hard on. You start to think there’s something wrong with your CV/resume or that you’re becoming unemployable for some unknown reason. The most worrying part for me, being unemployed for 6 months and counting, is how big the gap from my last job to now is growing. Time is passing far too quickly for my liking.  

For me, my unemployment journey started when I graduated from university last year. I was no longer labelled as a ‘student’, I was now ‘unemployed’. From my experience, university didn’t really prepare me for life as a graduate. They rarely spoke about what happens when you’re thrown out into the big wide world and what it will be like… They didn’t teach you the importance of work experience placements/interning while you’re in the safe cocoon of being a student and they didn’t warn us how hard it would be find a full-time job. 

Graduate or not, it’s extremely hard to land that first job. 

I know the feeling of wanting to give up and scream into a pillow when it all gets too frustrating and yet another rejection email has appeared in your inbox. The old familiar catch-22 has caught you out yet again – “you haven’t got enough experience”, but you can’t get that experience without an employer taking a chance on you. It’s a hard, frustrating pill to swallow. That’s why it’s important to stay productive whilst you search for that perfect job. So I’m passing on my advice, in hope it can make a difference to your employment status or at least your outlook on it...

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