4 Mar 2015

DIY Tutorial: Pallet Coffee Table

Has everyone been bit by the pallet craze yet?!

I'm bringing this DIY tutorial to you so you too can build your very own pallet coffee table, complete with a handy storage shelf! Because everyone always needs extra storage space...

Maybe I'm a bit late to the pallet craze... but I'm pinning pallet ideas constantly, I'm promising pallet gifts to people, and the garage is steadily building up with the things. Sorry, Dad. But have no fear, I want to build pallet storage next! That might take up a bit more room in the garage though...

DIY tutorial pallet coffee table with a shelf - quick and easy!
Here in the UK, some companies do try and charge you for pallets, but luckily, I've managed to find a company who I can get pallets from for free and in good condition, and they're super lovely and kind! The guys there even help fill my little Ford fiesta up!

Mind you, I can only fit three big pallets in there. That's with the seats down too...
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