22 Dec 2014

Festive Yule Log

This rich chocolate yule log makes for the perfect centerpiece this Christmas. A light, airy swiss roll sponge, covered in a sweet buttercream filling and topped with some festive holly. 

In our home, we always have a chocolate Yule log on Christmas Day. Having had bought ones for as long as we can remember, my sister set out to make one this year and it did not disappoint. Comparing this one to shop-bought? There is no comparison. It’s even more delicious and it’s always satisfying to say it’s homemade, but looks shop bought. 


9 Dec 2014

Winter Wonderland

Wanting to start the festive season off right, the girls and I made our way up to London for the afternoon to visit Winter Wonderland. Set up in Hyde Park, it's littered with German-style market huts, selling anything from trinkets to homemade crafts, to christmas decorations, to furry new hats... and not to mention, German Bratwurst sausages and mulled wine/cider. I was essentially in food heaven.

The smells of crepes, sausages, churros, mulled drinks and hot chocolate were everywhere. It didn't take long til we were hungry after walking around.

Winter Wonderland is a maze. The maps do not help in the slightest. But you're never far from food, so don't worry.


2 Dec 2014

Christmas Countdown + Snowball Cookies

It's finally December and my favourite time of year.

It now feels appropriate to play Christmas music and watch the films.. Even though I've already watched Elf a few times this past month. The house will start to smell of all those delicious spiced flavours, everyone is a bit more relaxed (except if you're rushing around shopping), and did I mention the food? Christmas has the best food. Hands down. I'm talking lebkuchen, gingerbread houses, chocolate yule logs, mince pies, shortbread, brussel sprouts and bacon (mmm..), and not to mention the ultimate roast on Christmas Day. All these foods are why I love Christmas even more. Oh, and mulled cider (or wine, I'll take whatever). I'll be making a lot of them this month and writing about them here in the coming weeks.

The first of which is these delicious Snowball Cookies! They're so soft and fudgy, you know they won't last long!
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