Protein Packed Banana Pancakes

With only 4 simple ingredients, these super easy pancakes will prepare you for your day ahead and keep you full for hours! Pancakes are my personal favourite breakfast food but it’s a struggle to find healthy tasty ones without the extra ingredients that are so hard to find in the supermarket. These pancakes include: bananas, eggs, a small amount of flour and a scoop of protein powder. That’s all!

protein banana pancake stack. #pancakes #breakfast

Sweet Potato Loaf Cake

Sweet potatoes are one of my most favourite foods, which is why they're perfect to kick off my shiny new blog! They're such a versatile vegetable, making them into all kinds of edible goodness: fries, mash, wedges, soups, cookies, breads - and my favourite, loaf cakes! Their natural sweetness aids its addition into cakes and cookies, and you can con your mind into thinking it's healthy because it's got a vegetable in it! It's a win-win situation, really.

Sliced sweet potato loaf cake bread. #baking

This loaf cake is among one of my favourite recipes, not too sweet but not too savory, you could eat it as a cake with a cup of tea or just on its own. It is soft in the crumb, with a slight gooey texture on the top, and you can't help but go back for a second slice!