London from the Sky Garden

You’d think that living just an hour away from London that I’d visit more often, but sadly not. The hustle and bustle of the city isn’t enough to keep pulling me back, but finding little gems like this place does help.

For my sister's birthday, we wanted to do something special, a little adventure. We set off to find places we'd never been before all over London. One of those places was the Sky Garden.

Nestled away on Fenchurch Street just a few minutes walk from Monument tube station, stands the unusually shaped building. 155 metres up is a large glass dome which houses 3 storeys of public gardens. It’s essentially a greenhouse in an office building, with an observation deck as a bonus and it’s all kinds of pretty.

Healthy Almond Crisp Bars

Healthy Almond Crisp Bar Recipe | Hungry Little Bear

I am a serial snacker. 

Especially at work when I’m sat at a computer for so many hours, trying to resist those rice cakes in my drawer and the mini cheddars in my bag and lunch can’t come quick enough, and I’ve already drank two cups of green tea to keep hunger at bay and seriously, why isn't it lunch yet? 

72 Hours in Berlin

Long weekends away are always a good idea. They’re exhausting and of course long, but it’s amazing how much you can squeeze into 3 days in a new city.

Long Weekend in Berlin | Travel | Hungry Little Bear

Berlin is a much talked about city, with its chilled out vibe, delicious food (hello bratwurst and all the burgers!) and so much history to take in on top of it all.

So with us all in need of a holiday, we booked the cheapest flights over to Berlin, grabbed ourselves a central hotel in Checkpoint Charlie and packed our bags. Going at the end of February, the Christmas markets were long gone, but the charm was still there. 

Even if it did rain 2 out of the 3 days we were there. Thanks, Berlin.

Easter Chocolate Traybake

Fudgy chocolate traybake with a glossy chocolate coating, topped with mini eggs!

Happy Easter folks! Hope you're all enjoying spending time with your favourite people and your stomachs full of chocolate! I know I am - any excuse for an extra mini egg. Or two.

Easter Bark

Creamy white chocolate, sprinkled with crushed mini eggs, chunks of easter egg and mini oreos. Roughly chopped and packaged up, this Easter bark makes the perfect easter present!
Easter Chocolate Bark | Hungry Little Bear

I've meaning to make a chocolate bark for quite a while now. After lusting after every possible combination known to Pinterest, I've finally done it. 

I love mini eggs. Let's just get that out of the way now. Yes, the recipe may have changed recently and the chocolate may not be as Cadbury creamy.  But they're still my favourite treat at Easter.